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How Garage Door Springs Work

They have to rotate in the right direction and that's why there are left and right winds for torsion spring garage door systems with two springs – one on each side. The right wind has coils which turn counterclockwise and the left one has coils which go clockwise, so that the springs can wind and unwind properly. This is how springs balance and open the door!

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Indications of a Problematic Garage Door

Troubleshooting problems regarding the door in your garage should be taken care of as soon as you find that it failed to open and close properly or it emitted a squeaking sound at the slightest movement. Here are the top indications of a problematic door.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Replace the Garage Door Opener

The springs might be the most powerful components of the entire system, but it is the openers, which have been technologically developed and can really upgrade the garage doors in terms of safety and daily comfort for the homeowners.

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