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4 Reasons Why You Should Replace the Garage Door Opener

11/02/2013 Back To Blog

The springs might be the most powerful components of the entire system, but it is the openers, which have been technologically developed and can really upgrade the garage doors in terms of safety and daily comfort for the homeowners. The prices these days are reasonable and, hence, if your own opener is old, perhaps it's time to replace it.

The openers prior to 1993

It was the time that all manufacturers were obliged to follow the new legislation for enhanced safety features embodied in the mechanism that could minimize the possibility of accidents. The truth is that injuries related to garage doors decreased in California according to the statistical data any garage door company in Alpine collects. So, if your opener is old, you should see what upgrades you can make and whether you can add sensors.

Does the noise bother you?

If the garage is the place you get creative or do your laundry and gather with your family for various activities and own a chain drive garage door opener, you are probably annoyed by its loud noise. You would also be irritated by its loudness, if your bedroom is close to the garage and, in these cases, you should consider garage door opener replacement.

The security of rolling code technology

The older openers communicated with remote controls with a steady code and, theoretically speaking, someone could trace your personal code and enter your premises. Nowadays, there are several choices that can ensure the security of your home and involve the installation of a wireless garage door keypad, which activate the opener with your fingertips or remotes with the rolling technology that changes the code every time you are returning home.

Is the power out?

One of the greatest advantages of modern openers is that they have a backup system, which is useful for areas where the power is often out. In this case, you won't have to guard your house in Alpine all night or leave the door open because the opener will work with a battery.

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