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Garage Door Repair 24/7 ServicesGarage door repairs can take all forms

Automatic Garage Door Alpine often gets calls to handle commercial, industrial and residential problems of all sorts. Our technicians have the expertise as well as the experience and knowhow to engage in any Garage Door Service repair. Do you have broken springs? Do you want to replace your garage door? They are well trained to thoroughly examine your torsion or extension springs and determine whether they need to be repaired or replaced. Do not attempt to engage in spring repairs yourself because it might be a very hazardous task, which could cost you your life. Our expert technicians will efficiently repair any possible garage door damages and make sure that your garage door operates perfectly. They will repair the bent or even broken cables or replace the tracks and any other broken component part. So, you don’t have to worry if your garage door is off track, our people will ensure to put it back in track and they will not rest until you are perfectly satisfied. They always keep their trucks filled with all necessary equipment and replacement parts so that they will repair immediately any damages.

Our technicians will handle your Alpine garage door problems. We begin with basic garage door troubleshooting to figure out what parts might need to be repaired. Some of our common repairs include:

  •     The garage door goes off track in Alpine. You might find your door at a 45 degree angle with one side lower than the other one.
  •     You might have a broken emergency release in Alpine. You pull that little handle so you can move the door up and down manually.
  •     Our technicians can replace just a section of your door. Sometimes you have a broken section due to an accident. There is no need to replace the entire door.
  •     Do you have an Alpine weather strip letting water in instead of keeping it out? That bottom garage door rubber strip is replaceable.
  •     The entire mechanism may break down if the springs are broken or seriously damaged. Wear and tear is the main reason these fail.

Not only can we handle garage door repair in Alpine, we also handle garage door opener repair as well. Automatic Garage Door Alpine can handle installation, repair and maintenance on a wide range of openers and doors.

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