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The most effective answers to the most common garage door repair questions are found here.

What kind of warranty should I get with my system?

Warranties can vary with different products, but it is usually a good indication of the manufacturer confidence in product ranges. Many models of openers are supplied with a limited lifetime form of warranty. This is usually limited to your own ownership and is non-transferable if you sell your property. Standard warranties usually cover up to five years for labor and parts. A top tip from Garage Door Repair Alpine is to choose a reputable established brand who offers a good warranty and full customer service in case of a problem.

Why is my chain drive opener noisy?

The chain drive garage door opener has a long history and remains one of the most reliable solutions for garage systems but its good operation would depend on the frequency of lubrication and adjustment of the chain. You can find exceptional quality lubricants at Garage Door Repair Alpine at good prices. If you want to avoid noisy motors altogether you should get a belt drive garage door opener and you will see a great difference.

Can I change the sensitivity of the garage door operation?

Normally this would not be a problem if the garage door installation was completely successful. However, if you are still having problems with the sensitivity of the garage door operation then it is very much possible to change it. Consult your garage door manual on how.

Are carriage doors functional?

Carriage doors are functional as long as you have the space for them. If you have a large garden and long driveway and you don't have to squeeze the car in order for the carriage garage doors to open, they are an excellent choice. Though, overhead doors still remain more practical since they go up and down, occupy less space and won't be in your way.

Should I insulate my garage door?

An insulated door will lower energy costs and increase the heating or cooling efficiency of your garage. If you would like an expert's opinion on the best way to insulate your door, give our technicians a call and we will examine your door to determine the best option. While we're there, we can also tighten screws and lubricate your door to ensure proper operation and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

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